Version: 13.0

Management of the insertion of an order with order lines with different warehouses
Description: Modification of the order entry system with different warehouses. This modification allows the creation of an order (SO) with a specific Order Code for each warehouse associated with it.
Reference: WA066
Creation of a support page for TDS and SDS
Description: Implementation of a support page for the generic generation of Safety Data Sheets and Technical Data Sheets. URL:
Reference: WA106

'Order History' page order correction (WA110) Correction of the ordering error of the 'Order History' page. The problem prevented the correct loading of the data of the pages following 1. The loading carried the loaded records several times, unaligning the loading itself.
Deleting spaces in the search text on the 'Customers' page (WA112) Elimination of the space, at the head and at the end of the customer name filter, on the 'Customer' page

Version: 12.0

Order date with LEAD TIME
Description: Insertion of a control, on the page for creating an order, with the management of the delivery date in relation to the company Lead Time.
Reference: WA0102
Username in CLAIM only visible.
Description: The agent name, in CLAIM, is only made visible and cannot be edited anymore.
Reference: WA0103

Correction of saving the CLAIM with 'Promote' (Fix-01) When saving the CLAIM with the promotion of the CLAIM, in the event of a data entry error, a condition of data inconsistency.
Correction of WA104 warning (Fix-02) Correction of the Article number according to the type of analysis.

Version: 11.0

Inserting the 'Item Name' filter in the 'Order History'
Description: In the 'Order History' page, in order to facilitate searches, the 'Article Name' filter is introduced, which allows the filtering, even partial, of the product name text.
Reference: WA0101
'Order History' layout adaptable for mobile devices
Description: To improve the usability of the page, for mobile devices, the layout has been rewritten with adaptive logic.
Reference: WA102

Correction of the 'Sales Order or Sampling' filter in the 'Order History' (Fix-01) The corrections are applied to allow the 'Order of Sale or Sampling' filter, on the 'Order History' page to work correctly.

Version: 10.0

New user/agent context menu
Description: Implementation of an integrated menu in a user panel to contextualize user operations.
Reference: WA095
Rewriting of the order history page
Description: To improve performance and to solve some filtering problems, the order history page has been re-implemented.
Reference: WA096
Highlight the quantity in stock
Description: To highlight the quantity of product or material in the warehouse, if the quantity is a value greater than zero, a display must be made, on the products page, of the highlighted quantity in the warehouse.
Reference: WA099

Correction of link saving samples page (Fix-01) Correction of the redirect link from the samples page to the products page. Due to the introduction of the masked url, the application pointed to the wrong action.
Correction of data validator of the 'New Article' form (Fix-02) Correction of the validator, of the mandatory fields, of the 'New Article' form. Required fields were not checked correctly.

Version: 9.0

Reference: WA089
Creation of standard web components
Description: Creation of standard web components for the approval of the app.
Reference: WA073
Sharing Cards via e-mail
Description: Technical data sheets and safety data sheets can be generated and sent automatically by e-mail. You must access the detail page of the specific product.
Reference: WA071
Multi-provider access implementation
Description: Radical change of the service access architecture of the app with the implementation of a multi-tanent access able to support user login and registration via: Microsoft Provider, Google Provider, LinkedIn Provider and Facebook Provider. The traditional registration method is also implemented.
Reference: WA0XX
User context menu
Description: Implementation of a dynamic and contextual menu for the user and the role associated with it.
Reference: WA0X1
Inserting a 'order again' key
Description: Inserting a 'order again' button from the summary page of the order history.
Reference: WA079
Creating a report starting from an order
Description: The possibility is given to create an alert from an existing order, pre-populating the data.
Reference: WA086

Correction of product details display (Fix-01) An error occurs when viewing the detail of a raw material product. Some fields were not developed and were not managed.

Version: 8.0

New flag 'Request for withdrawal
Description: New field 'Request for withdrawal' in the reporting form. Information that is sent to specific departments.
Reference: WA060
Download: Download
Creation of a new report from 'Order History'
Description: New button for opening a new form for self-filling in the base fields, starting from the order history.
Reference: WA059
Download: Download
Improvement of error reporting on the 'Reporting' form
Description: Improvement of user feedback of the error in completing the reporting form. This makes the operator more independent in the work experience.
Reference: WA061
Re-style menu, language selection
Description: Start of the re-style process of the navigation menu with the re-style of the language selector.
Reference: WA055
Selection keys layout for mobile
Description: Following some reports, by users, the access keys to the sub-sections of the reports selected have been enlarged to facilitate the click made with the finger on mobile devices.
Reference: WA062

Correction of data reception (Fix-01) Correction, on the web services side of ST, relating to the reception of data sent by Safari browser.

Version: 7.0

Double price
Description: Display of the 'standard price' when the request for a new sample is started.
Reference: WA051
Download: Download

Authorization table (WA052) A feature exclusion table is inserted. Allows you to manage viewing permissions by system administrators of some parts of the web solution.

Version: 6.0


(Fix-01) Deleting of the modified logical flow for PTST
(Fix-02) Correction on the order modification form which prevents the correct saving of data.

Version: 5.0

Description: Advanced partially dynamic report generator.
Reference: WebApp-01
Description: Report generator of closed and approved reports for the customer.
Reference: WebApp-02

(Fix-01) Reporting resolution and Error Page 404 when the DDT is generated in PDF.
(Fix-02) Reporting resolution and Error Page 404 when the Invoice is generated in PDF.
(Fix-03) Reporting resolution and Error Page 404 when the Order is generated in PDF.

Version: 4.0

ORDER page data ordering
Description: Introduction of the sorting by columns of the results of the ORDERS page.
Reference: WebApp-01
Web-app e Web-api interface
Description: Migration of data management from Web-App to Web-Service and interfacing for data request and response.
Reference: WebApp-02

Version: 3.0

Description: New organization of the presentation of the results on the product page with the possibility of sorting the columns.
Reference: WebApp-01
Description: New data model for local product management with the aim of improving performance.
Reference: WebApp-02
Description: Introduction of an alignment system for the new data model for product management.
Reference: WebApp-03

(FIX-01) Correction of the problem on the product filter of the HISTORY page

Version: 2.0

Description: Beginning of the process of extracting the operating logic from Web-App to ST-Web-Service.
Reference: WebApp-01

Version: 1.0

Description: Order block management for customers no longer active.
Reference: WebApp-01
Description: Insert the display map of the customer address with export for TomTom.
Reference: WebApp-02
Description: Display of the price scale, both in graphical format and in tabular format and, the implementation of a calculation simulator.
Reference: WebApp-03
Description: Improvement in the language management system.
Reference: WebApp-04
Description: Extraction of technical data sheets and safety data sheets in PDF format with local download of the file.
Reference: WebApp-05

(FIX-01) Correction of the recovery model of some detail data of a selected client.